Ways to give to the UT Foundation on behalf of UT Institutions:

 Some entities are restricted by their governing documents from making charitable gifts directly to University of Texas Institutions.  Examples of these include some foundations, donor advised funds,  estates, IRA distributions and the company match portion of matching gifts.  If a gift to a University of Texas Institution must be made to a 501 (c) ( 3) organization the University of Texas Foundation, a public charity, may accept those gifts on behalf of the Institution.  The gift will be forwarded to the Institution in full.

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Gift by Check Form

Gifts by Check

Checks must be made payable to The University of Texas Foundation.

Please identify the institution your donation will benefit or include a letter with the details.


Mail a check:


A check can be mailed directly to UT Foundation at: 9011 Mountain Ridge Dr., Suite 150  Austin, TX 78759.


You may also mail it to our office address:    

UT Foundation

9011 Mountain Ridge Dr Suite 150 

Austin, TX 78759

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Gift of Stock Form

Gifts of Stock

Stock Transfer Instructions:


The following are instructions for transferring the stock electronically through DTC to Merrill Lynch, Austin, Texas.


For Free Delivery, use:

DTC # 8862

Credit: Account # 51D04081

The University of Texas Foundation, Inc.

Attn: Carol Jansen (512) 795-2190

Note that the third character in our account number is a “d.”

Please notify Sheri DeSpain (sdespain@utxf.org) or Catherine Bigler (cbigler@utxf.org) of any impending stock transfers.  Identify the institution and program your donation will benefit.

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Gift by Wire Form

Gifts by Wire

Wire Transfer Instructions:

Please contact sdespain@utxf.org or cbigler@utxf.org of any impending wire transfers.  Identify the institution and program your donation will benefit.  Please request the bank information by email.


Frost Bank, San Antonio TX

Gifts by Credit Card

Credit Card Donations:


Please call the University of Texas Foundation at (512) 473-8985 so that we may help you with your credit card donation. No credit card information is kept on file once the transaction is complete.